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BLADE OF GOD 2 Apk Download Android IOS

BLADE OF GOD 2 Apk Download Android IOS NEW DEMO is a 3D action game with a great story in which you play legendary heroes.

Download BLADE OF GOD 2 Apk Android IOS

Soul Blade 2 is a 3D action game and the traditional sequel to the Soul Blade series.

Players will play the heroes of painful, sad and ordinary myths, adventurous in the huge and mysterious Scandinavian countries, fight the “sacrifices” who have lost their “destiny”, and begin to save themselves. Travel.

This is the first introductory release, and the version with the full game content will be announced in 2021, so stay tuned!

The story takes place before the twilight of the gods, when an unknown hidden current rises in the Nordic countries.

Odin, the Knowing God, begins a war to seize the heroic spirit; The evil god Loki, who had been plotting for a long time, appeared calmly from the deep darkness.

Kaos the Destiny Challenger, the awakened Valkyrie Esther, the exiled goddess of the underworld Hela, and the warrior Ziegfei who killed the dragon.

With various goals, everyone opened an introduction to the twilight of the gods in this dark age.


  • Choose your specialty between Clash, Archery, and Spells and try unique combinations of the enhanced Multilayer System.
  • Upgrade your character and learn powerful new abilities using three different skill trees.
  • Upgrade characters, customize traits and skill points.
  • Unlock more than 45 unique skills.
  • Choose from three different majors.
  • Create unique collections using multi-class systems.
  • Slay hordes of monsters or bet gold on gamblers to find stronger items and boost your gear through upgrades and infusion systems.
  • Decorate your devices with more than 8 different upgradeable gems.
  • Discover over 200 different rare items (General, Magic, Rare, Legendary).
  • Equip a unique force from powerful legendary items.
  • System upgrade to increase element strength.
  • Insert two legendary items to create powerful new ones.
  • 8 rare gems, rarity level 10.

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BLADE OF GOD 2 Apk Download Android IOS

BLADE OF GOD 2 Apk Download Android IOS

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