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MIMIR ARPG Mod Apk Download Android IOS

Download MIMIR ARPG Mod Apk Obb is a 3D action game from Mimir Studio, where you play the boss of "Eye of Deep Space" and fight alongside Revisionist Squad "Shihai" to protect civilization.

MIMIR ARPG Mod Apk Download Android IOS

MIMIR ARPG Mod Apk Download Android IOS

MIMIR ARPG game story

The story starts after the old world was engulfed by the catastrophe...
The survivors uploaded their consciousness to the data network [Gaea.Zero], hoping to build a paradise without strife and death in the virtual world. But beneath the appearance of peace, monsters called "Shihai" are born from the data source layer, and they erode civilization, making the established future deviate from the trajectory ......

In response to the crisis, the self-examination program took on the name of God and evolved into an entity called "Revisionist".

When the darkness comes, you will join the Eye of Deep Space as the administrator of the Correctors, and penetrate into the land of the wreckage ......

Together with the fate of destruction, put up the battle flag of resistance.

Expert AI teammates to fight together on the screen
Three squad members will be on the battlefield at the same time, and their combat power will be greatly enhanced.

AI teammates will assist you throughout the battle, so you will not be alone!

Free formation to create a unique battle school
Strategy into Build elements into the core of the formation system, free to adjust the engraved equipment and the match of the god grid.

With a variety of complex skill schools, create an exclusive play style for your favorite character!

Aesthetic reconstruction of science fiction and mythology
The polarized styles of science fiction and mythology are fused to create imaginative scenes.

Beautiful 3D models present the charm of the characters, and the characters are set with reference to myths and legends in a distinct and vivid style.

Challenge hardcore bosses in variable battle mechanics
Bosses are numerous and different in style, with a gorgeous appearance and strong characteristics!

Unique level mechanism and skill design, with different and varied action, attack mode, bring thrilling battle experience!

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