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Official! Konami reveals the first images of PES 2022

Official Konami is revealing the first images for PES 2022 without prior notice from KONAMI during its “Pre Alpha” launch for PES 22.

PES 2022

Official! Konami reveals the first images of PES 2022

To the surprise of many, today we wake up to the news without prior notice from KONAMI

About the release of “Pre Alpha” for the expected delivery of PES 2022.

Remarkably, it was presented under the name “The New Football Game” and this suggests that it could be the name

Which is what the generation will have to change with the arrival of the new group or simply the name of this test.

This demo can be taken as a “taste” of what PES 22 will be like because in the words of the developers

This is not even 25% of the final

Which means that the game is still subject to changes in the different areas that they hope to be.

To achieve this before its final release, the main part of this test is to evaluate servers.

PES 2022

Presentation goals and times

The main objective of this online performance test according to Konami itself is to evaluate the stability and quality of the servers connection

In addition to performing matchmaking system.

The regions where it is available are available all over the world and the dates can be reached from today 24th June to 8th July

UTC (06/24/2021 – 07/08/2021 00:00 UTC).

PES 2022

PES 2022

Thanks to the arrival of the demo, we were also able to find out that the final game for PES 2022 will be officially announced and presented by Konami on July 21.

It’s an event that will have a release date, final trailer, and game.


Remember that for the current part of 2021, Konami has decided to release a seasonal update based solely on efootball 2020

To focus on PES 2022, promising major changes and restructuring of the game based on the new generation.

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