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Embracelet for Android APK OBB Download free

Download Embracelet‏ for Android APK OBB free. an offline adventure game where you have to visit the island and discover different mysteries.

Embracelet for Android APK OBB Download free

Download Embracelet for Android APK OBB free

Everything you can expect from Empresslet is a thrilling story in a unique setting.

You can explore and solve puzzles related to different stages.

You play the personal role of Norwegian teenager Behnam Jasper.

He lives with his mother in this city and will eventually lead you to a better understanding of the environment in which you live.

He has the duty to search for the mystery in the bracelet and answer the question, Where did this bracelet come from?

Who owns it and why did his grandfather leave the island and his old life?

In the meantime, we see a beautiful island full of different puzzles, and the whole story revolves here.

You will have around you many friends who influence the story of the game and you have to make the right decision in dealing with them.

Embrase has a moderate difficulty level and can keep you entertained with an interesting story and music.

You are dealing with a business that is unique in the video game industry and can be pursued with enthusiasm.

They were an influential team in this game, led by Matisse Volkstad, and they have already received many awards for their games.

Embracelet for Android APK OBB Download free

Embrase has 3 to 6 hours of gameplay and different endings are expected.

This game has also been released for other consoles, such as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and you can try the game in any situation.

We see in this game attractive graphics and animation, the elements of which are specific to the game itself and designed by the creators.

Try to get help from your friends and understand the story of the game.

This process will help you follow the game with more interest and have more ideas about the process of your choices.

Embracelet‏ Info

  1. Developer machineboy
  2. Version 1.5.03
  3. Requirements Android 8.0 and Up
  4. Size 350M

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Embracelet for Android APK OBB Download free

Embracelet for Android APK OBB Download free

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