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WAR SECTOR APK for Android Download

Download WAR SECTOR APK for Android is a multiplayer action game in which players have to participate in 5v5 battles.

Version: 0.1.2

WAR SECTOR APK for Android Download

Download WAR SECTOR APK for Android

WAR SECTOR is an Android action game where you can first choose a character for yourself among seven heroes

They are called: WASP, WAYNE, HUGO, MRAGE, COLT, etc. and use them to participate in very exciting missions

It's only one of their execution modes

And other modes such as: the way to play in teams of five with other players from all over the world are also included in it, which added to its charm several times.

Do not miss the offer by any means.

WAR SECTOR APK for Android Download

War Sector Features:

  1. Use a variety of characters and weapons, each with their own special abilities.
  2. It has very exciting missions, each of which can challenge your skills.
  3. Compete with other teams around the world in real time online.
  4. Fast-paced real-time PvP team battles.
  5. Easy controls and intuitive interface.
  6. Gorgeous 3D graphics for full immersion.
  7. Exceptional matching system for the best gaming experience.
  8. 7 characters to choose from, each with unique advantages and stats - and more on the way!
  9. 6 combat classes each: with special class abilities and equipment. Try them all and upgrade everything!
  10. Classic rifles, sniper rifles, automatic rifles and many more to stock up on weapons and shooting fun!

This Android game that we are going to introduce for the first time on the web today is called WAR SECTOR, which was recently designed by Nordcurrent and released for free.

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WAR SECTOR APK for Android Download

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