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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - GTA: VCS SPS Android

Download GTA Vice City Stories for Android
Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories for Android
Converted HD version of GTA VC City for Android

Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - GTA: VCS SPS Android

GTA Vice City Stories has been professionally converted to Android version by Dandelion download kit and can now be downloaded.

All players know the name of the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

A series of games released by Rockstar Games and has many fans.

The story of the game is the story of the life of an Italian named Tommy Verste in 1986, who after his release from prison.

Tommy decided to work with the drug mafia again on charges of murder, but again betrayals come to the main character of the game.

To learn the challenges and story hold in the game.

The game's narrator goes straight to the year 86 and you're suddenly in the middle of the story.

Without knowing why Tommy is in prison and for what reason his relationship with his current friends was in the past.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - GTA: VCS SPS Android

But the gameplay made the free world heavier.

Other improvements we saw in Weiss City included a variety of beautiful and unique car designs.

Of course, the game stages caused fewer challenges, which slowed the growing trend of this game in this section.

Of course, the increased ability to control aircraft, boats and battle tanks has attracted a lot of attention.

The capabilities of this great game include:

  • Enhanced graphics and excellent HD
  • Significantly increased game graphics in very HD
  • There are no traps, errors, logs and related problems
  • Fantastic special effects
  • Excellent and professional sound
  • Open world in a game
  • The ability to modify the graphics in the game
  • Ability to save the game
  • Ability to link categories to the game
  • Playable on all Android versions

Installation method:

  • First, download and extract the zip file (at the end of this post), which will eventually produce an ISO file.
  • You can play the ISO file with a PSP emulator on both PC and Android devices

How to install on Android devices (phone, tablet..)

  • Copy the ISO file (shown above) to a part of your phone's memory
  • Then download the PSP emulator from this section and install and run it on your device
  • Then find and run the ISO file (which you copied to the device memory)

Note that all PSP games on the site can be played on Android devices

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - GTA: VCS SPS Android

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - GTA: VCS SPS Android

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