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Real Driving Sim MOD APK Download Android

Download Real Driving Sim MOD APK Android is another very beautiful and well designed game from the world famous Ovidiu Pop studio.

Version: 4.8

Download Real Driving Sim MOD APK Android

Real Driving Sim is another very beautiful and well made game from famous studio Ovidiu Pop in Romania, which is famous for making simulation games like Taxi Sim 2016, Drag Sim 2018, Bus Simulator 17, Driving School 2017, Flight Sim 2018, Euro Truck driving classics and driving school And many more are world famous.

This studio is probably one of the first three studios that are currently discussing creating and publishing driving simulator games with different vehicles.

After producing and releasing many games in this genre, Ovidiu again went for another similar game and this time merging several big games into a new title.

Real Driving Sim is a new generation game created using the latest gaming technology exclusive to this studio and is one of the latest games that includes a wide range of different parts.

In fact, it can be said that Real Driving Sim is an alternative to previous similar games from the same developer, and Ovidiu has several plans for this game.

The real driving simulator game has more enhanced features as compared to the other titles mentioned.

For example, this time we are dealing with the real sound of car engines, and on the other hand, more details have been done in the design and modeling of cars, making the design of this game on a new level.

Apart from these new improvements and the use of more and more detailed elements led to the development of the game more completely.

Perhaps the best feature of this game compared to other games is that in this game you can choose many options in several classes and classes of vehicles.

Some Features of Real Driving Sim MOD APK :
  1. Full 3D modeling
  2. Gorgeous graphics with lots of detail
  3. Precise and realistic car model design
  4. The presence of a large collection of cars with different classifications such as super sports cars, off-road cars, and others
  5. Realistic and dynamic game in real driving simulation style
  6. The unique experience of real and challenging driving
  7. Ability to change camera view
  8. Comply with the principles and laws of physics to make the game process as natural as possible
  9. Travel to more than 20 different cities in the world
  10. Drive on city streets, desert roads, highways, highways, rugged mountain roads, snowy roads, etc.
  11. Possibility to specify how to control the game in different situations (using the gyroscope sensor, virtual buttons or virtual steering wheel)
  12. The possibility of driving on automatic or manual gears (with a special button for the clutch)
  13. Weakness and real destruction of the car body in the event of collision and accidents
  14. Natural sounds like engine sounds
  15. It contains a step-by-step career mode section
  16. It has an online multiplayer mode
  17. Having all kinds of challenges and driving missions
  18. Unique design for weather conditions such as rainy, snowy or sunny weather
  19. The presence of racing stages in different parts of the map and the possibility of holding driving competitions
  20. Open the map and the possibility to travel and drive to different places for fun and practice
  21. The possibility of modifying and updating different parts of the car

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