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Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Mod Apk Download Android IOS

Download Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Mod Apk Android IOS is one of the easiest and most entertaining puzzle game in the world.

Version:  2.1.20

Download Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Mod Apk Android IOS

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle is a puzzle game from F I L Games studio for this Android game.

It is one of the easiest and most entertaining games in the world and has been downloaded more than 100 million times by Android users on Google Play.

Here you have to help the man of the story.

This boy is chained in a room and he is locked up and asks you to help him.

Pull the rope with your finger and cut it, but before you cut the rope, you should measure the conditions under his feet because there may be wild animals or sharp objects under his feet.

Before cutting the target, hold the pose under his feet, cut the ropes dangling from above, and help the boy to the rescue.

Can he survive this desperate life and difficult situation?

The higher you climb, the more difficult the conditions and stages become.

Make sure to arrange the cut ropes and then cut the boy's rope.

Some features of Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Android game:

  1. Having different difficult stages
  2. Including all kinds of dangerous obstacles
  3. good voice acting
  4. simple space
  5. Completely offline and without internet

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