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Horror Show MOD APK Unlimited Money Android Download

Download Horror Show MOD APK Unlimited Money Android is a very beautiful and well designed game from the famous and innovative studio Azur Interactive Games Limited.

Version: 1.02

Download Horror Show MOD APK Unlimited Money Android 

Horror Show - Online Survival Survival Game is a very beautiful and well designed game from the famous and creative Azur Interactive Games Limited studio in Cyprus, it is free but with in-app payment on Google Play.

Azur Interactive studio has gained worldwide fame for creating very popular and engaging games

Such as Planet Commander, Dark Days: Zombie Survival, Destiny Warfare: Sci-Fi FPS, Robot Warfare: Mech battle, Detective Story: Jack's Case or Trooper Shooter.

It is considered one of the most active and professional mobile game studios.

This studio follows one general principle in almost all of its games, which is online and multiplayer games from this developer.

If you are interested in the above titles or even follow other games of this game company

You will realize that the main focus of this developer is on creating online and multiplayer games.

Over the past few years, a different and attractive style of online gaming, known as Cat & Mouse, has been introduced and published.

Due to the special and exciting nature of these games, the creators have used scary and weird themes for most of these games.

Among the most popular games published in this genre, we can mention the titles

Such as Horrorfield, Murderous Pursuits, Tom and Jerry: Chase, Identity V.

And of course the most famous of these games, he died in broad daylight Azur Interactive studio also joined the producers of these types of games

Especially NetEase, by making a fun game called Deadrite Hunt.

But since NetEase Games is a famous and powerful company that has released many games in this field

Azur Interactive studio also went on to create another title in this style and named it Horror Show - Online Survival to gain more attention.

These games for their famous games.

Some Features of Horror Show - Survival Online:

  • Very professional and well made designs
  • HD graphics with lots of detail
  • Third person view like RPG style games
  • Super smooth and professional 4 to 1 online multiplayer gameplay
  • Action style, role-playing, sexy and scary
  • Ability to play as a survivor or a hunter
  • Different and unique tasks for each group
  • Having different personalities with different characteristics
  • The ability to choose between two different groups of hunters or survivors before entering the game
  • There are multiple items in different parts of the map
  • Possibility to escape, hide, fight and more with the hunter
  • Having group tasks such as rescuing colleagues and helping to set up various mechanisms
  • The ability to choose and upgrade characters in dozens of different levels
  • Possibility to buy points and squares
  • Incredibly high action in the form of a chase game
  • Own powerful servers for a lag-free experience
  • Very small size compared to similar games

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