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FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

Download FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Android Offline Update New List New Transformations Face Kits Better Graphics.

FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

Download FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Android Offline

In recent weeks, the football gaming community, as far as mobile phones are concerned, has seen a show about the sudden return of very good and well-remembered football titles.

It seems that during 2023, this trend will continue to play out with the return of another great game for mobile platforms, which one?

This is FIFA 17 for mobile, one of the best-cataloged versions of the popular EA SPORTS saga, and now available again in remastered form.

Here are my first impressions:

FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

In FIFA 17, as most people will remember, the protagonist and the main face was Marco Reus, who at the time was an impressive player because of the great level he showed a lot which put him on the radar of the best teams in Europe, but the loyal Dortmund decided to stay with the German Bee club.

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Oddly enough, FIFA 17 is one of the few titles in the saga to offer something extraordinary, appointing 4 ambassadors who represented the game that year, and they are:

  1. Marco Reyos
  2. Eden Hazard
  3. James Rodriguez
  4. Anthony Martial.

Figures who were at their peak at the highest point of their careers, although the aforementioned German player was the main signing among them all.

FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

FIFA 17 on Android introduces us to the season that lived in that distant period in 2017 in every way, from the cast that was then, the outfits, the tournaments, that is, everything as it was mentioned in the campaign.

In other words, thanks to this, you will see not only historical clubs, but also players, promises that were still shining bright or, on the contrary, great personalities who were about to retire in that football period.

This is a clear sign that for society nothing can be further from reality and hard work on this type of project is appreciated.

FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

How can we not remember the amazing Barcelona of 2017 with its powerful all-star mentorship made up of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar.

Or Real Madrid who were on the verge of achieving the great feat of winning three consecutive champions with Ronaldo, Bale, and Benzema.

Famous players who gave us their latest concerts like Ribery, Robben, Lahm, Buffon, Cech, Iniesta, etc.

We can bring back countless memories of this season and that is definitely part of the nostalgia that comes from the return of FIFA 17.

FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

Especially at the level of the interface, it is very reminiscent of the aesthetics of the game but on console, since it shares many characteristics from which it is inspired.

The very important thing that we need to highlight, as expected, is that players look somewhat different than they do today or well, and it is evident in many of them.

A clear example of this is Messi, who at the time wore a very special style with blonde hair, in the same way, that other personalities such as Pogba, Vidal, Cristiano Ronaldo, and an important group appeared with their own looks for the year 2017.

This is without leaving the issue of clothing that corresponds in the same way to the aforementioned campaign, of course, giving priority to the important leagues and clubs.

FIFA 2017 Original Apk Obb Data Download Android Offline

Referring to the subject of the gameplay, not to mention the same amazing and advanced graphics engine that EA SPORTS surprised us with at the time.
Completely superior to what was later seen in the following years' titles when they introduced the format called "Mobile".

If we compare it to existing games like futsal or FIFA mobile itself, it certainly competes well in every way, at least in my opinion.

The final touch is certainly given by the original comments of Fernando Palomo and the legend Kempes which will provide a better gaming experience.

Download FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer on Android | FIFA 17 Mobile APK Updated

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