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Traffic Racer MOD APK Download for Android IOS

Traffic Racer is a new, cool, and exciting car driving and racing game for Android, which invites you to control different cars in different places full of traffic.

Download Traffic Racer MOD APK for Android IOS

Traffic Racer game in Persian (Traffic Racing) is a new, wonderful, and exciting game in the style of car driving and racing games for the Android operating system, which invites you to control different cars in different places full of traffic. !

You drive cars on different highways and unlock new cars by completing different stages and upgrading your car with different missions! You can control the cars in two ways: one through the touch buttons on the screen, and the other through the accelerometer!

You can increase speed by touching the gas button on the right side of the screen or decrease speed with the brake button on the left! Drive your car in the middle of the jungle, the desert, the city, etc.

and bring the best car game experience to your Android phone. Excellent game graphics, car exhaust sound play, and simple controls have teamed up to bring the most exciting racing game to your smartphone.

Some features of the Traffic Racer car game for Android:

  • Choose from 50 different types of cars by the player
  • There are 4 environments: countryside, desert, snow, and night
  • 4 game modes: Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial and Free Ride
  • Different types of traffic with multiple cars including trucks and buses
  • The ability to customize the car with tasks such as changing the color and wheels
  • Ability to share results and achievements with leaderboards
  • Control the car through touch buttons and the accelerometer
  • Excellent 3D graphics compared to its very small size + professional sound

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