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Airport Simulator Mod Apk Download Android IOS

Download Airport Simulator Mod Apk Android IOS Play Airport Manager, the mobile game with deep city building strategy.

Version: 1.02.0400

Download Airport Simulator Mod Apk Android IOS

From the creators of Airlines Manager Tycoon, Play Airport Manager, the mobile game with deep city-building strategy.

You are the airport manager: build and develop the interior and exterior of your airport, sign and manage partnerships with airlines and control passenger flow and comfort.

The game is built on three main aspects:
Building, furnishing and modernizing airport infrastructure

Define your strategy, sign dozens of airline partnerships, manage contracts, and maintain relationships

Bring your airport to life and customize it to your liking
Strategically plan your airport infrastructure and build the terminal building, apron area, taxi lane, and runways.

Gas stations, catering factory, check-in, security checks, boarding gates, passport control games, coffee shops and your airport decor

Building a deep business strategy and managing a partnership
Decide on an airport strategy between low-cost flights or premium flights.

Determining the types of flights: regular and regular flights, short and medium-range aircraft, and the possibility of opening public flight routes

To match your contractual obligations
Categorize your schedule 24 hours, plan up to two weeks of trips in advance
Control aircraft schedule and PAX flow based on the contracts you sign

And make sure PAX boards their planes on time

Monitor and manage fleet and passengers
The happiness of the passengers will affect your partnerships.

Ensure your services, runways, flight schedule, fleet and staff are always at their best to earn points in your airline partnerships

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