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Driving School Sim MOD APK Android Download Android

Download Driving School Sim - 2020 MOD APK Android is a car racing game from Ovidiu Pop Games Studio, released on Android for free.

Version: 10.9

Download Driving School Sim - 2023 MOD APK Android

Driving School Sim - 2020 is a car racing game from Ovidiu Pop Games Studio, released on Android for free.

In this Android game, you have to drive a variety of sports cars, SUVs, supercars, supercars and hatchbacks.

If you love to drive cars, don't miss this game because it will make you feel like you are driving a real car.

It also teaches you how to drive with a manual transmission and clutch, or drive with an automatic transmission.

Play with the virtual steering wheel and many control options to suit your needs.

Improve your driving knowledge with this game.

Explore massive maps such as famous cities, mountain roads, desert landscapes, icy and snowy streets, and more.

Play with your friends in the new online multiplayer mode or compete with them in the new multiplayer system.

Play the professional levels, learn modes, events, races and more and show off your driving skills.

Get your driving license now and play driving school.

Some Features of Driving School Sim - 2020 Android Game:

  1. More than 150 vehicles to drive regularly updated
  2. Many detailed and huge realistic maps
  3. Smooth and realistic car controls
  4. Different exams on the map of each city
  5. More than 80 challenging levels
  6. Free riding mode Racing mode Learning mode
  7. Online multiplayer modes: racing and riding
  8. Interior details of vehicles with ambient lighting
  9. Improved damage system
  10. Gas system with recharging at gas stations
  11. Manual gearbox with clutch
  12. Tilt steering wheel, buttons, touch steering wheel
  13. Support managers and achievements online
  14. Realistic engine sounds
  15. weather fluctuations
  16. Console support and play games with your Gamepad

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